Wines of the Week for June 10th : Rosé for $20 and under
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Wines of the Week for June 10th : Rosé for $20 and under

I am still tasting and thoroughly enjoying the Rosé wine here at Casa Mandi, and that is super fine because there are still a  high number of Rosé wines stocked at SAQ stores again this week and the weather is simply screaming for a beautiful glass of something pink.  This week I have delicious rosé wines to recommend and they are all $20 or under – so it  can be #roseallday at your home too!


Mirabeau Rosé Classique 2019

SAQ: 13206121  $20.00


The Mirabeau is so nice and easy drinking it is a great wine to crack open and share it among family and friends to celebrate not only the opening of summer, but also the opening of the terasse. This is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault, and it hits the spot when you are looking for a fruit forward wine with lots of refreshment.  A light bodied wine while still retaining a subtle creamy texture where the fruit is quite expressive; ripe strawberries, red currant, and a little rhubarb hit the palate supported by a zesty acidity.  It has a sweet spice finish along with a nice mineral bite to keep it refreshing.


Attems Ramato Pinot Grigio 2018

SAQ:13736092  $19.95



We should never judge a wine by its label, but this can be an exception because this is a delicious wine that will go nicely as an aperitif or mid day lunch.  This wine is coming from the Friuli DOC in the northeastern part of Italy and is made with 100% Pinot Grigio.  It has been macerated on its skin, giving it that beautiful hue of pink.  The wine has notes of melon, strawberries, and citrus fruit with bits of pretty white flowers.  The fruit is ripe yet fresh, and the acidity is bright and refreshing, allowing for easy drinking on a hot day. Quite a pleasant finish touching on minerality and red fruit.


Rivarose Brut

SAQ: 13582839  $18.95



This sparkling rosé is such a treat where the bubbles offer a nice textural contrast to the ripe fruit of the wine.  There are attractive notes of strawberries, peach, raspberries a little bits of spice with excellent impressions of salinity.  There wine finishes on notes of rhubarb and spice, and where the soft mousse lasts on the palate as does refreshing citrus notes.  A very refreshing, thirst quenching sparkling that would do amazingly well with a lobster roll on toasted brioche.