Top Wines for the King of the Grill this Father’s Day
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Top Wines for the King of the Grill this Father’s Day

If you know a great Dad in your life who happens to love cooking on the BBQ, and also appreciates a nice glass of wine every now and then, take a look at a few of my recommendations for this year’s Father’s Day celebrations. Every Dad thinks they are the grilling champion of the world – and of course they are right?!  The memories of my Dad next to the grill is too perfect – he was in his natural habitat and proud as a peacock as he stood with tongs in one hand and a beer in the other. A not so tidy apron tied loosely around his neck, and wearing thick white socks in sandals! The look was so hip it hurt. While my father is not so much of a wine drinker, there’s so many that are and what’s better on Father’s Day than a surf and turf menu, paired with delicious and gorgeous wines?

Let’s start with Rosé

Rosé is an ideal versatile wine that is perfect to have before or following a white wine.  It has enough substance and acidity that it can play as an aperitif before the main event, or easily accompany any meal and take center stage. The

François Lurton Piedra Negra Pinot Gris fit the bill.  It’s a super fun wine – 100% Pinot Gris coming from Mendoza Argentina. The skins are macerated for about 9 hours which it gives it that perfect colour, and this also allows the extraction of those primary aroma profiles like raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and melon.  The acidity is high making the wine super refreshing to drink, yet it still has a bit of plumpness on the palate from the time it has spent on fine lees. The finish if full of red fruit, citrus, a touch of spice and slightly salty finish.  Crisp, clean, and beautiful.

Get Dad’s paella pan out for this wine, as this would be superb with a seafood and chorizo paella – fill the pan with a warm saffron broth, rice, and your favourite kinds of seafood, chorizo and get on the grill.  In no time you’ve got a all in one surf and turf meal that serves a crowd on your Father’s Day celebrations.

François Lurton Piedra Negra Pinot Gris Mendoza

SAQ: 556746 $15.25

13% abv

1.3g/l residual sugar

If you need to keep your surf truly separate from your turf, grilled shrimp is the perfect accompaniment to any protein you chose from.  Shrimp can take on most marinades to suit your preference and its easy enough to layer on a stick, grill and then place along side your turf.  One of my favourite white wines available at the SAQ right now is this gorgeous Pinot Bianco from Alois Lageder.

Alois Lageder Pinot Bianco Süditrol Alto Adige 2019

SAQ: 12057004 $19.25

Alois Lageder has 55 acres in Alto Adige-Süditrol, a stunning area in the most northeastern part of Italy and whose views boast the Alps and Dolomites. These mountains protect the vines from the wind and the cold, while at the same time getting a warming influence from the Mediterranean. Alto Adige-Süditrol is one of the top quality wine producing regions in Italy and Alois Lageder is one of its top quality producers.

This Pinot Bianco is a prime example of has grace, elegance, refinement and refreshment. Pinot Bianco has found a nice home here given the climate and generous diurnal range.  The grapes ripen nicely during the warm weather days while retaining freshness from the cool nights.

This expression of Pinot Bianco offers notes of crisp apple, pear, white flowers and melon.  The fruit is intense and play nicely against the crisp acidity and slight plumpness that is felt on the palate thanks to the four months it has spent on lees. The lengthy  finish focuses on citrus fruit with an appetizing saline edge.  This Pint Bianco will not overpower the delicate flavours of the shrimp, bur rather enhance its slight sweetness. This is quite a perfect pairing, and the fact that it is under $20 a the SAQ makes it even better.

11.5% abv

5.4g/l residual sugar

Gordon Estate Syrah Columbia Valley 2015

SAQ: 1432221  $29.85

The wine for the turf part of your menu needs to have depth, substance and some rustic elegance especially if it is going to stand up to a big ol’ steak.  This Syrah from Gordon Estate in Washington will do nicely.

Gordon Estate was established in 1983 in the Columbia Valley near Snake River. They grow a number of different varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.  This particular wine is 99% Syrah with a kiss of Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine has been aged 22 months in 31% new French oak, 5$ new American oak and 64% in neutral oak.  

The wine has some weight on the palate so it really needs some food to stand up to the bold and beautiful elements of the wine.  Sweet, ripe dark cherries, blackberries and and warm spice hit the palate with great intensity as does the dried herbs and cedar.  The acidity is a little on the low side but still balanced enough to stand up to the fruit and the medium grained tannin.  Mid way through through the palate those spicy elements really show up, but then eases into a soft, silky and balsamic finish. This could age nicely for a few more years, but is ready to crack open and enjoy this Father’s Day. 

Given the intensity of the wine, any steak, lamb, burger or red meat would pair wonderfully. I have also had the pleasure of enjoying this with balsamic marinated grilled portobello mushroom and it was phenomenal!Any vegetarians or vegans out there, just give me a shout and I will gladly pass on this recipe.

13.6% abv

6g residual sugar

Happy Father’s Day!!