Pairing Burgers and Wine: 3 Super Suggestions
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Pairing Burgers and Wine: 3 Super Suggestions

While beer and burgers may be traditional summertime buddies, I’d argue that wine and burgers are partners in crime – a pairing free of any pretentiousness or fussiness because many wines would work wonderfully with countless varieties of burgers.  They are so much more than just protein between a bun, as the type of protein, cooking method, and toppings you chose for burgers can lend itself well to many different styles of wine.

Just try to remember that as a general rule (there are always exceptions), red wine should go with red meat, and white or rosé wine with more poultry and fish. The best thing about burgers is that you can get really creative when it comes to ingredients. Proteins with high-fat content can create a complexity of flavours, especially when paired with so many diverse wines. Try lamb burgers with a nice Xinomavro from Greece, or a grilled tuna burger with an orange wine from Alsace.  If you happen to be vegetarian, try Portobello mushroom burgers with an aged Barolo! No matter what your spin on pairings, choosing a wine to go with the humble burger will kick it up to a whole new level.  Here are a few of my personal favorite burgers, and the wines I chose to pair them with are even more exciting, fit flawlessly, and upscale the burger experience significantly. All three are available at SAQ outlets and super affordable, offering fantastic value.  Cheers!

Les Tètes Tète Blanche SAQ : 14019790  $18.20

Deep Fried Chicken Burger with Honey Mustard Coleslaw

I love fried chicken and I love the coleslaw that comes with it so instead of eating it separately I thought why not put it together on a sweet brioche bun?!  To make a great wine pairing, I needed something with a lot of ripe fruit to match the slight sweetness of the slaw, but also something that had a little more acidity to contrast the fat in the chicken.

This white from the Loire is an incredible match for this burger.  It contains a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Roussane which graces the wine with that incredible stone and citrus fruit.  This wine had notes of intense pear, lemon-lime, and melon. There is a soft, plump mouthfeel yet with excellent refreshing acidity leading to a finish focusing on floral notes and a little lemongrass and honey. Quite an exciting wine – lots to offer at a very decent price point.

Château Revelette Rosé 2019 SAQ: 13212002 $20.85

Salmon Burger with Cucumber Salad.

Rosé is synonymous with summer and it’s great to have with salmon, even if it’s burger form.  This wine is abundant in strawberry and watermelon fruit, with kool-aid cherry-like flavours – but in a very refined way.  Bits of red currant and perfumed floral notes really stood out as well as the super refreshing acidity. The wine is really well structured; concentrated red fruit with a balanced acidity and a very fine, long finish on raspberry and tinge of salinity.  Incredible wine that paired swimmingly with the salmon.

Milbrandt Vineyards Whispering Tree Syrah 2015 SAQ: 13879190 $19.35

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger

This wine is big and bold, so you definitely need food to match with this excellent red from Columbia Valley in Washington state.  This is 100% Syrah and is all about luscious and perfumed black cherry and blackberry fruit with spices galore.  It has a full-bodied with nice integration of raspy yet soft tannins.  The oak was evident, as well as the smoky bacon notes, but it stood up nicely to the ripe fruit and acidity.  The wine finished on dark fruit, spice, and hints of cedar. Perfect flavours to match with any bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings.