Distillerie du Fjord
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Distillerie du Fjord

Distillerie du Fjord is located is located in the St-David-de-Falardeau in the Saguenay Lac Saint Jean region and was founded in 2016. Two brothers, Benoit and Jean-Philippe alongside their father, Serge Bouchard started the distillery with a passion and hope to represent the richness,  beauty  and majestic characteristics of the Boreal Forest.
“We got our inspiration from our surrounding environment, the immensity of the Saguenay Fjord, the richness of the boreal forest and the incredible pureness of the Monts-Valin’s natural water source.” – The Bouchard Family
This gin is infused with Balsam fir bud, peppery green alder, pine forest spikenard, wild raspberry leaves,  gale and of course juniper berry.
SAQ: 13394918  $46.50
The bottle itself is beautiful, with clean and soothing aesthetics, and what’s inside is even more sublime.  Freshness that hits the nose then the palate with notes of juniper, orange blossom, peppercorn and grapefruit.  A classic and clean style gin that is perfect for summer cocktails.
I tend to drink and enjoy gin all on its own, with the addition of an ice cube or two. However, the recent heat wave that has struck us Quebecers, nothing seemed better than a huge pitcher of gin sangria. The recipe was made on the spot , a d complete whim so the recipe included anything that I had in my liquor cabinet. I threw in some gin, melon liqueur, gin, ice and of course some apple and kiwi fruit. ( Again, it was what was handy.)
Although I can guarantee the ratio of booze to pop could have been a little more balanced, but the result wasn’t too bad. There was freshness, flavour, and and a finish that ended on a sort of sweet minti-ness. It definitely served its purpose – pure refreshment with an nice depth of flavour and fun. 
I am a pretty old school gal though – and honestly there would be no better way to enjoy this gin the old school way: on the rocks or as gin tonic.
This is a fantastic gin product that is made right here in my own province of Quebec!  Readily available at the SAQ!