Wines of the Week – July 6th
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Wines of the Week – July 6th

This week, my top picks are taking us to the Loire Valley where we can rely on the delicious wines coming from Joseph Mellot.  Quality wine can only come from quality people and Catherine Corbeau Mellot is making sure that the best of Sancerre is flowing into our wine glass this summer.  The following two wines are fruit forward, refreshing and reveal their terroir with every sip.

La Chatellenie 2019

SAQ: 12258842  $26.00

This will please the palates of any sauvignon wine lover out there. The tropical and citrus aromatics of the wine is jumping out of the glass and this is also reflected on the palate. The intensity of the fruit is fantastic – there’s lemon, lime, passion fruit, and green apple. The palate is quite elegant – very much on fruit,  but it also has softness and delicacy coming from the time it has spent on its lees. Very well structured wine with plenty of acidity, and an appetizing minerality.  The finish is long, and ends on herbaceous tropical fruit. Pure Delight!

Le Rabault 2019

SAQ:12228539  $26.80

This wine is made with 100% Pinot Noir which grows on clay-limestone soil.  The fruit is fantastic – ripe raspberries and strawberries with hints of rhubarb and flowers. The palate is delicate and refined with a very bright acidity and persistent fruit. The finish is long and delicious, really focusing on those red fruit flavours with spice and good hit of salinity.  A very vibrant,  floral and fruity wine where the flavours tumble out of the glass! Fantastic.