Top Ten Rosé Wines for Summer
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Top Ten Rosé Wines for Summer

Thank goodness for Rosé wine, right?  Rosé is especially appreciated by us Canadians, where our summer lasts only 2 months if we’re lucky.  So, when the fifty shades of pink start showing up at wine shops, it’s game time because that means summer is knocking on our door.  What’s not to love about Rosé? The attractive fruitiness, refreshing acidity and even the colour can play with our senses making for happy and easy drinking.

Here are my top ten Rosé wine recommendations (in no particular order) that should have you all set when it comes to outside BBQ’s, picnics or any setting that allows you to take advantage of the joy that summer brings.


(In no particular order)

Tasting Notes

Rivarose Brut

SAQ: 13582839  $18.95

This sparkling wine from southern Rhône is made of Grenache and Syrah, and harvested at night to retain its acidity.  The bright strawberry and raspberry fruit is ripe and fresh, with a subtle hit of spice.  The bubbles have a nice texture, and the finish is persistent, keeping those concentrated, red fruit flavours.  Balanced, elegant, it has a delicacy that would be perfect with salmon gravlax.

Pratello Sant’Emiliano

SAQ: 13625018  $19.95

With a blend of Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese grapes, this delicate rosé has beautiful notes of cherry blossom, ripe cherries and strawberries with a nice peach finish.  Balanced acidity, and sleek minerality.  Nice wine for under $20.

Joseph Mellot Le Rebault Sancerre 2017

SAQ: 12228539  $26.55

Sometimes, it is worth to it to pay a little bit more for a wine that has a little more finesse, and this Sancerre from Joseph Mellot will not disappoint.  This wine is made with 100% Pinot Noir and has intense notes of cherries, strawberries and rose petal.  The palate is concentrated fruit, a plump mouthfeel yet plenty of acidity allowing for vibrancy and charm.  The wine finishes with some raspberry notes and peach with a touch of salinity.  A great pairing would be a tuna Niçoise.

Casa Santos Lima LAB Estremadura 2017

SAQ : 13567170 $10.85

Slightly sweet, this is a great aperitif wine. Intense floral notes, strawberries and peach with a balanced acidity and a hint spice.  It is a bit funky and savoury also, which gives this wine great character. This would awesome with a charcuterie and cheese platter.  Sweet price too!

Mirabeau Rosé Classique 2017

SAQ : 13206121  $19.00

The Mirabeau range of wines is coming from a family whose dream it was to one day make their own wine in the south of France. Running on 100% risk and passion, their efforts have been rewarded because they have had huge success from their range of wines from Provence.  The rosé Classique is a prime example.  Made with Grenache (60%), Mourvedre (35%), and a kiss of Cinsault (5%) this wine has concentrated raspberry and strawberry fruit with floral elements from start to finish. Red current and  dollops of sea salt make this wine quite expressive. A great streak of acidity along with a persistent, fruity finish makes it an absolute delight.  This would be great with Spaghetti Vongole!

Château de Nages Vielles Vignes 2017

SAQ : 12521461  $19.95

With its sweet spice, strawberries and peach this wine hits all the right notes. It has has lovely impression of fruit interwoven with floral bits and nice mineral undertones.  The palate is round and has weight, balanced with the bright and refreshing acidity.  The finish leaves strawberry and peach flavours that linger long after the sip is gone.  This wine would serve well with open-faced prosciutto, asparagus and parmesan sandwiches.

Bonny Doon Vineyard Vin Gris de Cigare 2017

SAQ : 10262979  $22.75

Year after year, this Vin Gris is never disappoints with its crunchy red fruit of cherries, red currant and strawberries.  It also shows cherry blossom and peach with nuances of sweet spice and lip smacking mineraltiy.  Plump, fresh, delicious.  Sip lasts long after its hit on the palate.  LOVE this rosé from California.  Thank Gawd for Randal Graham.

Saint –Verny 7e Ciel Côtes d’Auvergne  2015

SAQ :13343248  $17.40

Who does not love Gamay ? Brilliantly executed, this wine from Côtes d’Auvergne is a crown pleasure with its pristine, ripe fruit and fierce acidity.  Gobs and gobs of ripe cherries, strawberries and cherry blossom. The floral notes, minerality add a bit of complexity and depth. With its excellent acidity, fruit and long finish, this rosé is  incredibly easy to drink.

Jean Luc Colombo Cape Bleue 2016

SAQ : 12219309  $17.55

Perfectly pink in colour, this brilliant rosé from Jean Luc Colombo is bursting with concentrated peach, strawberry and cranberry fruit. Pretty floral notes and whisps of cream this wine is feminine and soft.   Having a cool and refreshing minerality, the length is keen and very pleasant.  Great balance and structure. Effortless and happy sipping with this wine.

Gabriel Meffre & Cie Château Grand Escalion Costière de Nîmes 2017

SAQ : 12843128  $17.95

This lovely wine has a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Showcasing strawberries, red current, and raspberries, it also has inviting notes Japanese cherry blossom. A really nice concentration of fruit with a refreshing and bright acidity. Very Province in style, but from the Rhône! A very feminine, inviting and elegant wine.  It goes down fast, so best buy an extra bottle or two while at the wine shop. 😉  Pair with honey dijon salmon and shrimp.