Saint-Verny Côtes d’Auvergne l’Impromptu 2017
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Saint-Verny Côtes d’Auvergne l’Impromptu 2017

All the beauty and deliciousness you would expect in Gamay, and then some…

The wine is a deep ruby red in colour with attractive aromatics that hit the nose the second the wine hits the glass.   The wine starts with ripe red cherries, cranberries and strawberry fruit that then moves towards more blueberry and blackberries, all very fresh and all very intense in flavour. The acidity is amazing, plenty of freshness and brightness making for easy drinking.  The tannins are fine, quite silky.  The wine has a fine finish on red fruit with warm spice and hints of pepper. Such a pretty and delightful wine to sip on.  I suggest to open it ahead of time before serving  to allow the wine to breath a bit, and also slightly chilled.  Available online and at various SAQ stores.