Wines of the Week : June 17th
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Wines of the Week : June 17th

Rivarose Brut

SAQ: 135582839  $18.95

12% abv – 8.1g/L residual sugar

This sparkling rose is a great wine for summer, pre bubble drinks for your meals outside.  This is a blend of Syrah and Grenache and is coming from the South of France. The fruit is quite nice with notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries and some red currant.  There’s also notes of grapefruit with a saltly minerality and a high acidity making it very refreshing to drink. The delicately textured bubbles last on the palate as does the red fruit impressions. This would be great with lobster rolls, where the buttery toasted texture of the brioche works well against the high acidity.

Oak Valley Stone and Steel Riesling 2019

SAQ:13572067  $17.80

12% abv  3g/L residual sugar

Riesling is up there as one of my top 5 favourite white grape varieties, and this one from Egin South Africa is awesome! It gives such a pretty and pure expression of a dry and fun Riesling. It bursts with salty citrus fruit, green apple, and apricot with a nice steely edge and a super fine high acidity. The intense finish is clean as a whistle – apple, lime, salt. Very well structured and balanced. For a Riesling that is under $20, it has fantastic value. Knock this back with a dozen oysters and some lemon wedges – and it will be the highlight of your day.