Vistalago Mezcla Blanca 2018
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Vistalago Mezcla Blanca 2018

This stunning wine is  from Rafael Tirado, a winemaker from the eastern Maule Valley of Chile, just a stones throw away from the Chilean Andes. His vineyard is located about 1800 ft in altitude, with vines having been planted in 1993 in a very remote part of the Colbun D.O.  He runs a gravity fed winery with a geothermal barrel and bottle room, and has a minimal interventionist approach to winemaking.  In this small and very remote place in the world, Rafafel has managed to make extremely polished and delicious wines that express purity and elegance, in his own unique way.  small


This Mezcal Blanca was tasted at RASPIPAV in Montreal this past fall. I was immediately drawn to its ripe flavours, freshness and intensity on the palate.  This is an organic wine, fermented with natural yeasts, it contains a blend of Riesling (55%), Chardonnay (25%), Torontel (15%), and Semillion (5%). It has intense, perfumed notes of candied lemon,  ripe pear and pineapple giving a lovely impression of sweetness. The gushing acidity balances out that fruit, making the wine bright, refreshing, and incredibly easy to drink.  The fierce finish brings delicious hints of honey, saltiness and more of that lovely citrus and stone fruit.  Very clean and bright.

This wine is only available by private import through RéZin.  $25.70+