Quaffable Quebec Products for your Quarantine
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Quaffable Quebec Products for your Quarantine

The world is going through a very hard time at the moment, given our isolation and quarantine to avoid the Coronavirus, and I think that no matter where we live or what our situation is, people are trying to find ways to support their local community and businesses as much as they can.

One way of doing that for us Quebecers (when it comes to the drinks business) is supporting our local wineries, breweries, and distilleries by essentially buying products that are made right here! It’s so important that we make this a personal responsibility and make conscious purchasing decisions to keep our dollar in our own community. We need to help the local economy as much as we can in these trying times. Now, more than ever, is when we need to keep our money in the province by buying locally.

Besides all this, Quebec has some beautiful and amazing  products that we can be proud of…products that are truly expressive of our palate, talent and passion.

The following three drinks are not only affordable and delicious, but they also carry with them a beautiful story, originality, and offer a great variety of satisfaction, no matter your drinking preferences. As an added bonus, all products are available at the SAQ, in store or online.

La Cantina Vallée d’Oka Rosé de Calvaire 2019

13835648 $19.95

This wine is made by Daniel Lalande, owner and winemaker from Rivière du Chêne in Saint-Eustache. He has planted a number of different varietals in his vineyards in the Oak Valley,  such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling.  This particular cuvée is a blend of Pinot Noir (78%) and Chardonnay (22%).  The pinot noir graces the wine with attractive notes of strawberries, raspberries and hints of spice.  There are also notes of rhubarb and white flowers with salty mineral impressions.  The acidity is bright and refreshing,  a really well structured wine with a pleasant finish ending on red berry fruit.  This would pair beautifully with grilled salmon or shrimp, or as an apéro with a nice selection of Quebec cheese.

Another new and delicious product from La Cantina, is their 2019 Riesling.  A very bright and expressive wine, with notes of pear, green apple,  lime and lemongrass.   A nice, soft palate with a bright, lip smacking acidity.  Mid-way through the palate, the floral, citrus and mineral notes really display themselves one by one. Excellent wine to be had with Asian dishes or seared fish and salad. The wine has 7.9g  of residual sugar,  which offers approachability and balance against the citrus fruit flavours and high acidity. This wine is not currently available at the SAQ, but if you have a look at their website below, you can find a point of sale near you throughout Quebec. $23.95.

As a side note – all of the products are available for purchase from their website and can be delivered right to your door. To find out more and see a full list of wines available, please head to:



14480341  $12.80 x 4 250ml

This is a project created by Claudie Lamoureux,  who where she fell in love with the apero spritz on a trip to Italy.  She loved the freshness, the bubbles, the acidity and tart flavours that are associated with this drink, and wanted to recreate this when she arrived home.

So, with the help of her friends in Hemmingford who own apple orchards, they created an amazing cocktail in a can –  product that is essentially apple based (a cider),  with added natural flavours and colorants. This product is also vegan friendly!

Spritzol is a sparkling, ready to drink cocktail in a can. The perfect,  single serve size  beverage of 250 ml with 6.5% of alcohol.  It has a beautiful, bright orange colour that just screams summer, freshness and fun. As you would expect on the palate there are notes of citrus, like grapefruit and oranges with that classic bitter bite making it super appetizing.  The bubbles are persistent and fresh, with a delicious clean finish.   Grab yourself a nice big glass, add plenty of ice with an orange twist garnish , then crack open a can and start sipping. It’s the perfect serving size, and an ideal thirst quenching drink to remind us that summer is soon ( we hope) on its way.

Available online and at SAQ outlets.

St-Laurent Dry Gin

12881538  $48.75

Joël Pelletier and Jean-François Cloutier from Rimouski, Qc had a mutual love for fine spirits, and decided to start  an ambitious project of making gin back in 2013. They quit their jobs,  and went full force into creating an authentic product  which today has had huge success in Quebec and beyond. Since launching the gin in 2015, they have since created other products, which are all available at the SAQ, but this one is my favourite.
This particular gin is infused with seaweed from the St. Lawrence River which imparts a green tint and marine , salty flavour to the spirit.  The seaweed is hand harvested, washed, dried, and ground into a ‘seaweed flour’ of sorts.  This, along with other exotic botanicals get vapour infused and slowly macerated into the spirit, and the result is an incredibly delicious and refreshing gin, made right here in Quebec. If that is not terroir for a spirit, then I don’t know what is..
Slightly green in colour, the nose has generous and complex notes of  juniper, coriander, dried citrus peel, sea salt, and delicate black liquorice.  The palate, reflecting the nose, is bold, silky and vibrant showcasing orange zest, herbaceous pine, liquorice and salt.  The finish is long, smooth, complex and elegant. Every sip is spot on.
You can easily enjoy this on its own, but I love it shaken with ice, a splash of vermouth and an olive. Voila! Your very own quarantini! 😉

Stay safe and #drinklocal.