3 Wines to Enjoy this Spring Break
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3 Wines to Enjoy this Spring Break

Spring break is T-minus-5 days and I for one am ready to take full advance of sleeping in late, lounging all day in PJ’s and most certainly indulging in some heart warming food and wine.  This is the week that families definitely need in order to stay sane, and perhaps get a small break from the copious amounts of snow that has seemed to be endlessly falling from the sky.  The flip side of this might be parents having their screaming children home all day – relentlessly testing every ounce of their patience and sanity until they have lost their will to live.  Either way, we all deserve a glass of wine to make those days of Relâche taste slightly sweeter and having us look forward to warmer days ahead.

The following wines I have listed below are perfectly suited for March break: they are affordable, they are delicious, and they portray that perfect balance of warmth and freshness, mid season wines that will delight and satisfy us until Spring arrives.


Chalk Hill Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 2017

SAQ: 13678128  $24.90

This chardonnay is the perfect balance of freshness and warmth, with plenty of bright citrus fruit like lemon and lime, with warm notes of apples, pineapple and cream. Having seen 8 months in oak barrels on its lees, the medium bodied palate is rich and elegant yet framed by a wonderful acidity, with hints of attractive minerality. The finish is soft and persistent, leaving impressions of lemon and chalk.  Such a pretty wine.

*This wine was a sample from Charton-Hobbs Quebec.



Enologica del Olena Calabuig Valencia 2018

SAQ:141899  $14.30

This is a BIG wine, at a tiny price.   This is 100% Bobal, a grape coming from the Valencia region of Spain, where it can get very hot during summer months.  This wine is certainly sunshine in a glass; so much ripe blackberry, black cherry and sweet blueberry notes, lots of jammy fruit with intense warm spices like cloves and allspice.  It is a powerful wine, very robust yet it still manages to hold its acidity really well.  The wine’s tannins are ripe, adding a little complexity and texture with a finish is focusing quite a bit on black fruit, menthol and earth.  This wine is generous without being overpowering, so it does need some time to open up; pour it into a decanter a couple hours before serving. It also is screaming for food, and I think nothing would be better than Mexican shredded beef tacos, or slow roasted leg of lamb.


Alois Legader Riffe delle Venezie 2018

SAQ:13897427  $15.45

With all its delicious ripe fruit and bright acidity, this super fun wine will leave you tasting summer. This white can easily become a staple to open up for any occasion so be sure to grab a couple bottles as it will appeal to all palates. This Pinot Grigio is sustainably made (the 2019 vintage will be certified organic ) and suitable for vegans.


The wine displays notes of  bright citrus, ripe pear with lots of green apple and white floral notes.  The palate is light and super crisp, having an excellent acidity where the mid palate shows a hit of creaminess ( due to the wine rested on its lees for 4 months) and almond paste.  The satisfying dry finish is clean and mineral driven, quite refreshing and fruity – excellent drinkability.